Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interview Tips

  • Think about your past successes and contributions.

  • Write down stories that illustrate your value to an organization.

  • Research the company, market, and competition in advance.

  • Prepare intelligent questions.

  • Write down why you are the ideal candidate for this position or company.

  • Pay attention to your appearance.

  • Arrive on-time or early.

  • Realizes that there are many job opportunities available.

  • Exude modest confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Smile, shake hands firmly, look the interviewer in the eye, be friendly.

  • Use your notes during the interview ("I jotted down a few thoughts ...").

  • Remember that you are interviewing the company and visa versa.

  • Listen well, answer questions honestly and succinctly.

  • Ask questions about the position, culture and expectations.

  • If you are interested in the position, tell the interviewer.

  • Make sure you understand the next step, the process, and the time-frame.

  • Immediately send a "thank you" note.


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